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    Innovative HR solutions

    The world of work is changing. In today’s globalised economy, people represent an increasingly important competitive advantage, and companies therefore need to adjust their HR processes to attract and retain the most talented individuals. Our innovative concepts can help companies achieve that.


    • International mobility – cross borders more easily

      The passport is fast becoming an essential work tool: foreign postings have increased by 25% over the last decade, and the trend is still on the rise. 
      Naturally, this places an added administrative burden on companies – be it a matter of work permits, residence permits or housing, trips abroad inevitably create bureaucratic demands. There is also a need to ease the pressures on your staff. PwC can work with you to create simple solutions to facilitate mobility – so you can return to dealing more with your people and less with forms and formalities.
    • Remuneration – reward performance more simply

      Today we talk about remuneration systems rather than salaries. Properly designed, they offer a competitive advantage to attract the best talent and create added trust amongst clients and shareholders.
      A good remuneration system must fulfil many needs: it has to attract and motivate talented people, support the company's strategy and strengthen its values, as well as convince investors. Meanwhile, 20% of the 100 largest companies worldwide report that shareholders do not trust their remuneration policy – compared to 3% before the recent financial crisis. So you will need to review and simplify your remuneration system to meet the demands of the future. PwC can help.
    • HR processes and organisation – provide HR services more simply  

      Create a leaner HR unit that is also more broadly based? That’s not a contradiction in terms; it’s just the logical consequence of a streamlined organisation with efficient processes in a fine-tuned IT environment. 
      There is also the need to adapt HR to reflect changing corporate circumstances – for example, when business processes are outsourced or reorganised in a strategic alliance. PwC can help you to make your HR management more agile and easier to monitor.
    • Talent Management – exploiting “people potential” more easily 

      In a recent survey, 97% of all CEOs asked believe that long-term growth depends on winning and retaining the right talent.
      Thus it should come as no surprise that around two-thirds of those CEOs want to change their strategies for Talent Management (65%) and Leadership Management (68%). PwC can help you to integrate the relevant aspects of sustainable talent management into your daily HR practice: by linking local and global frames of reference, including rational and emotional motivations, and providing financial and non-financial incentives.
    • Change Management – accommodating change more simply

      Change is often perceived as a threat, but effective change management encourages employees to be curious about business objectives. This approach helps to create the understanding that change is a given over the longer term.
      Change management is people management. So whilst change also involves facts and figures, it is primarily tangential to the people in the company – and their attitude to change will be based on their own previous experiences. PwC clients understand that and want to work with us to gain maximum benefit from this dynamic interaction. Rather than merely getting employees involved, this process will inspire them over the longer term. 
    • Executive Advisory – add value for your key people

      When it comes to your senior executives, the issues surrounding taxes, retirement schemes, legal matters and estate planning are just as important as the aspects of appropriate remuneration and regulatory compliance in other countries.
      We look at the big picture and help you to make the best use of available synergies – at both the local and global levels.
    • US Tax Services

      US Individual tax compliance and consulting advice within the heart of Europe and in Switzerland
      Every year, increased reporting requirements are being implemented for U.S. citizens residing overseas, creating a real risk that the average individual who may be unaware of the U.S. worldwide tax regime runs afoul of severe failure to file penalties. With FATCA imposing a significant disclosure burden and the IRS’ delegated authority to enforce these requirements, it is vital for U.S. taxpayers abroad to ensure the completeness and accuracy of their U.S. tax forms prepared by competent CPAs and IRS Enrolled Agents while coordinating with our Swiss and European counterparts for the optimal tax strategies.


    Hans Geene
    Partner and Leader People and Organisation, Zurich and Geneva
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