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The future is already here for the federal government, cantons and municipalities


The public sector stands on the brink of major changes

For example, technological advances will substantially influence life in our cities. So-called smart cities will pose a variety of challenges for municipal authorities, but at the same time they will also bring new opportunities.

To meet such challenges, the Swiss education system must align itself with the needs of the market. That will be the only way to prevent a shortage of skilled workers. In addition, the authorities will need to operate more efficiently because of the pressure to make cost savings.

Though fiscal competition and a strong Swiss franc have reduced Switzerland's appeal as a financial centre, “Swissness” is still a locational advantage we need to preserve for the future.

The public sector will have a role to play in the conflict between federalism and globalization: it will be charged with maintaining existing skills whilst also developing new ones.

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General Allen (United States Marine Corps 4-star), Tom Modley (Global Government Defense Leader, PwC US) in discussion with Moritz Oberli (Public Industry Leader, PwC Switzerland)

The Global and Swiss Security Situation – Interview with General Allen
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