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    PwC in the 'Pharma and Life Sciences' sector

    Decision makers in pharmaceutical and life science companies face major challenges every day: rising energy costs, pressure to innovate, large-scale investment, global competition and tougher environmental and climate-protection regulations. We can help you to overcome them.

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    Our 'Pharma and Life Science' services 

    • Compliance
      The company's reputation and respect for regulations are key themes. We can help you find answers.

    • Research and development
      Encouraging innovation without increasing your business risk is a major challenge. We can provide you with the right tools to cope with this task.

    • Value creation
      Are your company's costs and revenues properly aligned? We can show you ways to optimise - from purchasing to sales.

    • Intellectual property
      Customised strategies are required to withstand competition from generic and counterfeit products,. We can help you to find the right measures.

    • Global growth
      New partnerships open up access to new markets. If you understand these new environments, you can look for success beyond your national boundaries.

    • Data analysis
      Companies generate vast quantities of data every day. Can you link the relevant information and thus make the right decisions? Our data analysts can provide you with a solid foundation.

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    Pharma 2020: Learn more about the future today

    The Pharma and Life Sciences sector is changing with technological advances, consolidations, global competition and more stringent regulatory requirements. Our studies help decision makers to stay up to date.


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    From vision to decision Pharma 2020

    Pharma’s future has never looked more promising – or more ominous. Major scientific, technological and socioeconomic changes will revive the industry’s fortunes in another decade, but capitalising on these trends will entail making crucial...


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    This paper, sixth in the PwC Pharma 20202 series, highlights how pharma companies will have to develop different supply chain models for different product types and patient segments, learn to use their supply chains as a means of market...


    'Strategy&' for Pharma, Life Sciences and Health

    Working together, PwC and "Strategy &" develop practical strategies, and can help to implement your ideas. Do you want to transform your business with minimal side effects?
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