What we do for clients

We give you the tools to succeed by providing the right support, from strategy to execution and operation. Whether you need comprehensive, end-to-end assistance or advanced niche expertise, we can help you formulate an approach and take concrete, coordinated action covering the main areas of cybersecurity.

PwC’s purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems. This is also central to the mission of PwC’s Cybersecurity team. We connect state-of-the-art technology and business know-how to address what is ultimately a very human problem: helping you build and protect your business so you have the confidence to take the initiative, transform and thrive in an uncertain but highly rewarding environment. Everything we do revolves around trust.

To find out what will best protect your business, we need to know where you are on your cyber journey and where you want to go. We start by taking a close look at your individual business set-up. Depending on your cyber journey, we will develop a bespoke solution around the key components of cybersecurity: strategy and transformation, data protection and regulatory compliance, advanced cyber defence, and identity and access management.

We draw on the state-of-the-art expertise, technologies and methodologies available within PwC’s global network to create a solution that will take you further. Our clients value the way we combine people, technology and business savvy to support you all the way from strategy to execution and operation. In each area of cybersecurity we have seasoned professionals with a proven track record in managing security at household-name companies. They understand what it’s like to be responsible for the security of your organisation and its customers. And they also know what it’s like to have to justify investment in security to your board.

Strategy and Transformation: Securing your information and technology

We help you assess where you stand and create a roadmap to secure the foundation for transforming your business and capitalising on the benefits of digital. Through our highly skilled teams in Switzerland and our global network, we can provide value end to end, locally as well as globally.

Identity and Access Management: the new perimeter

In our interconnected world, the days of perimeter security are over. In many respects, identities and access have become the new perimeter. We help you build your digital business around people by getting access and identity management right.

Advanced Cyber Defence/Threat and Vulnerability Management

The question isn’t whether your systems and information are under attack, but how well you’re prepared and whether you have the right partners to respond quickly and decisively. We help you identify the relevant cyber threats, find out if your systems have already been breached, test your security posture, and counter attacks – an area where Gartner and Forrester regard our incident response and forensics teams as the leader.

Privacy, Data Protection and Regulatory Compliance: from ‘need to do’ to value for your business

We help you identify your crown jewels – the data crucial to the survival and success of your business – and keep them safe, taking account of new regulations like the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the new Swiss Data Protection Act. Privacy is at the centre of trust. Proactively addressing privacy will increase trust in your business and give you a business advantage.

Cybersecurity as a Service: succeeding today and in the future

The growing cost of security and the need to catch up with a lack of investment are big challenges for many organisations. Many companies also struggle when it comes to attracting and retaining the right talent in today’s challenging security market. PwC’s managed security services help you address both aspects, ensuring that you have access to the right people and solutions whenever you need them, at a plannable and manageable cost.