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The Competence Centre in Berne was founded by PwC Switzerland within our Assurance practice. Our goal is to support our practice and clients with testing activities that do not have to be carried out on-site at the customer’s premises. In this way, we increase the quality and efficiency of audit-related project work for our national and international clients. The Competence Centre acts as innovation hub for the audit of the future and you can be part of it.

Are you ready to support our auditors in the operational and administrative implementation of audits and audit-related activities?

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Why join the Competence Centre?

Working for the Competence Centre will give you exciting and deep insights into the processes, business transactions and databases of national and international companies of all sizes, industries and legal forms. You are always in contact with audit and project teams as well as with our customers’ employees and develop a career in audit.

Explore all the opportunities PwC’s Competence Centre offers you.

Find out what PwC’s Competence Centre expects from you.

Get insights into the backbone of an operation here.

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«The Competence Centre is the perfect place for the career starters and young professionals who are keen to drive the future of audit and develop personally and professional.”

Philippe Bingert, Partner Assurance at PwC Switzerland

Testimonials of our people

At PwC’s Competence Centre we rely on each other’s abilities and we are sure this makes each one a better and trusted member of our team.

Trust to go aheader with us.

Team Leader

Team Leader

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Working student and Associate

Working student and Associate

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PwC’s Competence Centre FAQ

What is PwC’s Competence Centre?

The Competence Centre in Berne was created by PwC Switzerland within our Assurance practice to boost the audit transformation. Our goal is to support our practice and clients with audit activities that do not have to be carried out on-site at the customer’s premises.

Where is PwC’s Competence Centre located?

The Competence Centre is located in Liebefeld, Berne.

How many people are working at PwC’s Competence Centre?

Approximately 130 people.

Does a temporary position count as an internship at a university?

Unfortunately, the temporary positions don’t count as mandatory internships for your study. But you are welcome to check our internship vacancies on our career page.

Can I work part-time as a working student at PwC’s Competence Centre?

Yes, you can work a part-time job of 60% or more. Please keep in mind that during our busy season the workload increases and has an impact on your schedule.

What is the busy season and how many hours do I normally work during that time?

As most companies traditionally have 31 December as their year-end, our busy season usually falls in the first quarter of the year. Once the books of our clients are closed, our auditors start working to deliver the financial reports. During this time, you may work ten to twelve hours a day.

What about personal development at PwC’s Competence Centre?

PwC provides internal and external trainings up to a Swiss Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for your personal and professional development. Our comprehensive training and professional development programmes can be found here.

What dress code do I need follow?

Our motto is: Dress for your day. We trust you to decide what you feel is appropriate to best represent yourself and the PwC brand.

Do I need to travel a lot?

No, normally no travel is necessary, as all your work can be done from our Competence Centre in Liebefeld. However, sometimes a meeting can be conducted on our client’s premises or an inventory needs to be done, this travel will then be reimbursed.

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